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Trust me, I was never a Doctor

‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ was a BBC television series. In it the doctor was seen running with his hands in his pockets. No one with common sense would do that so my page is called ‘Trust me, I was never a doctor’. What follows is my own common sense approach to a medical problem. This medical problem is the enlarged prostate that is very common.

I had noticed my memory was declining as I had always had a good memory. The drug prescribed for my prostate was Solifenacin by my doctor. After reading a BBC article about Solifenacin which said it can cause memory loss. I decided to give up Solifenacin. After five months my memory started to return. I don’t know what the long term consequences would have been if I had not stopped taking the drug.

The European Food Safty Standard of two litres of water per day for men is my main basis. Two litres appear to be a lot of water to drink in one day. Not so spread over twenty four hours. That said I discovered my body works better with dampish spells working together to establish a balance between the wet and dampish spells.

With this evolved method pure water drunk daily is measured in litres. The months have been set into three groups governed by the last day of each month 28.30.31. Allotment instructions are listed on the left hand side of the page A4 size. At the top of the page above the day date the appropriate months and days are listed.

The month days are listed in a horizontal line, below each number appropriate to that number is a vertical line of empty boxes to be ticked daily.

There are six sets of allotments for each month. Variations are fixed.

Drinking times are the daily variations of water volume for each day of the month.

On each A 4 sheet are six sets of Allotments for six months.

1 am not running a business. Charges to cover my costs for printing and photocopying and bulk orders are charged separately.

The leap year 2020 day is 29. Draw a vertical line beside the 28 day boxes with a V5 Hi – Tecpoint 0.5 pen. Follow the 28 day Allotment instructions.

This is one day after another numerically to be followed in sequence.

The work is original covered with the legal copyright shown.

Allotments (instructions) Portions for the Prostate management. Daily water intake.

The allotments are the times for drinking stated water volume during the day. Water volumes to be drunk at or near the specified time. Not to be missed if possible. Large volumes of water stay in the large state in the body. These are the main causes of ‘accidents’ and leaks.

With the allotments the charts are for you to be able to check that you have taken the action to drink water say half an hour ago. Very useful when you are busy doing something else to be able to see the logged matter.

When you have a better understanding of how your body works the allotments can be altered to suit you by you. My body’s water intake spans the twenty-four hour day.

It is recommended to purchase three half litre Pyrex jugs for measuring and drinking water. Quicker and more accurate volumes than one jug. Don’t guess the volume size it is a frustrating waste of time to do so. If you miss a drink you can make it back up over three to five hours, don’t crowd the time to make larger unwanted volumes of water by putting allotment times together. The body requires time to sort the water out and the waste salts in the urine.

Enlarged Prostate Gland

A new approach to a male problem written and researched by a male using his own body over the course of two years.

How to control the body’s fresh water intake without harming the body.

No drugs used to achieve the required result.

It works for me every day as normal use as you can see from my Prostate Specific Antigen Level Results.

Diet with Exercise

My diet starts with breakfast - one teaspoon of salt. One medium potato for carbs sliced and boiled in water. Four eggs omelette fried in rapeseed oil for bone density. Two slices brown bread. Lunch - one tin sardines in brine, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, sweet potato, onion, root ginger, two cloves garlic, and other vegetables sliced and boiled. Three main vegetables halved. Supper - Two tins baked beans eaten cold. No supplements, except one, Cod Liver Oil 1000 mg Capsule. One Spatone Liquid iron Sachet. My cholesterol level is 2.4.


Walk in boots. Makes: Magnum, Nitehawk, Karrimor. Boots repaired by a Power Shop cobbler. I walk an eight mile walk on the road and coast path. These boots allow for good grip on difficult surfaces and reduce slips.

Press Ups. The requirement is to make the heart beat strongly hence 'The effort to try to do the exercise'. Press ups in batches of twenty five. Kneel on the floor, place your hands flat on the floor in front of the body with the fingers facing towards each hand on an approximate forty five degree angle from the upright arm position away from the body. This pushes the elbow out away from the body allowing the elbow to bend easier and lessens the strain on the wrists. If you have never done press ups. Put two large sofa cushions on the floor and lie on top of both, this will create an easier body lift because the cushions hold the body up above the floor allowing you more leverage for your arms. Do this every day until you no longer require the cushions. At first aim for two lifts off the floor. Then gradually build up to twenty five lifts. One batch. I do one hundred lifts before breakfast and approximately at 6pm in the evening. That is two hundred lifts per day. Hold breath. The lungs improve if the breath is held for twenty five lifts, or two, five or ten what you can do. This exercise expands the lungs. Breathing is noticeably healthier. Exercising burns off the fat into muscle that allows the body to be lifted off the floor. The heart is exercised and becomes healthy. Colds are supressed frequently by the body, speed and momentum makes press ups easier to do. This puts you on the balls of your feet in socks.

Towels. I use hand towels folded in half length ways and rolled into a wedge to push between two tight pairs of Y front underpants. This puts pressure on the bladder that signals when urine discharge during the night is required. During the day time the signal is obvious the towel is not required. In the night the towel wedge collects urine drips.

Measuring. Since one year of measuring my daily water intake I have noticed a considerable lessening urine uncontrolled discharge due to the enlarged prostate. The average wait time for secondary discharge is ten minuets at night before sleep time.

If unsure check with your doctor before doing anything said in this text.

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